Do CCTV cameras have fire detection?

Traditional closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras generally do not have built-in fire detection capabilities. CCTV cameras are primarily designed for video surveillance purposes, such as monitoring and recording activities in a specific area. They are typically used for security, crime prevention, and general monitoring.

Fire detection systems, on the other hand, are specialized devices designed specifically to detect the presence of fire or smoke. These systems use various technologies, such as smoke detectors, heat detectors, or flame detectors, to identify the early signs of a fire. When a fire is detected, these systems typically activate alarms, notify authorities, and initiate emergency protocols.

While CCTV cameras are not typically equipped with fire detection capabilities, it is possible to integrate fire detection systems with existing CCTV systems. This integration allows the cameras to monitor certain aspects of fire detection, such as capturing video footage of specific areas where fire alarms have been triggered. This can provide additional visual information to aid in fire assessment and response.

It's important to note that fire detection systems are typically purpose-built and comply with specific safety standards and regulations. If you require fire detection capabilities, it is advisable to consult with a professional fire safety expert or company to assess your specific needs and recommend appropriate fire detection solutions.
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