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WD Black 2TB 3.5 inch 7200rpm SATA III Desktop Hard Drive

WD Black 2TB 3.5 inch 7200rpm SATA III Desktop Hard Drive

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2TB WD Black WD2003FZEX, 3.5inch SATA III - 6Gb/s, 7200rpm, 2ms, 64MB Cache

For the creators, the gamers and those that demand the best, WD delivered the next generation of hard drives to enlarge your PC playground. The latest WD BLACK hard drives offer enhanced features that maximize system performance, allowing you to spend more time doing what you love most with less waiting time. WD BLACK is designed to intensify your PC experience with generous capacity and incredible performance, pushing the boundaries of personalisation.

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Hard Drive Performance


WD BLACK drives offer a variety of storage capacities whether you’re a photographer, video editor or a digital artist; look no further than the WD BLACK range, they deliver inspiring performance for storing large media files, photos and videos. WD BLACK HDD’s also cater to gamers, providing the perfect performance for gaming, WD BLACK offers you the chance to expand your game library and also plan for the future and offer you enough capacity for extra game content, combined with an SSD will provide gamers with the best PC performance.

Smart Hard Drive Technology


When High-end components are added to performance and workstation PC’s they more than likely omit tiny vibrations and that can reduce the precision and performance of your hard drive and even the best chassis on the market can’t always stop this. The WD BLACK hard drives feature Vibration Control Technology (VCT) which allows the disks inside the drive to adapt to any problems or vibration conditions, that are inside your case, resulting in much higher data accuracy, performance and reliability over time, so for gamers this means you can game harder, faster and longer.


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